Maui Dolphin
Imminent Extinction in New Zealand Aotearoa

Last Chance for our precious dolphin, only 42-55 left, only 12 breeding females, and almost no protection by government

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THIS SITE! is for our Taonga of Tangaroa, our Popoto. Maaui, Maui, Maui's, the NEW ZEALAND DOLPHIN from my homelands.

Celebrating the last 55 ALIVE! in dolphin style, with FUN and HAPPINESS, SHARED across our friends, family, community... across the entire planet EARTH!

"TOGETHER we can Save The Maui's Dolphin" Te Huirangi Waikerepuru.

Published on 30 Sep 2012 by WWFNewZealand

Footage of Maui's dolphins, now the rarest marine dolphins in the world.

Just 55 Maui's dolphins over the age of one are estimated to survive.